Campaign to stop development at Sean Walsh Park

by Padraig Conlon

Council plans to build apartments in Sean Walsh Park have been labelled a “Trojan Horse”.

Local councillors will soon vote on whether to allow the construction of 81 apartments for older people in Sean Walsh Park.

Now one of the people who helped the park win a Green Flag is calling on local councillors to vote no to preserve the open space and recreational amenities.

John Kiberd from the Save Sean Walsh Campaign, said “nobody in their right mind” wants to build in a park.

“As part of the voluntary group the Litter Mugs, we spent three years working hard to get the Green Flag for the park.

“Then at the meeting to organise the flag raising ceremony a few weeks ago, a council staff member told us about the plans to build in the park!

“We couldn’t believe it! The council was giving with one hand and taking away with the other!”

On September 13 the council announced plans to build 81 apartments for older people in the park, 18 2 beds and 63 1 beds with the apartments being a mixture of 2 and 4 stories high.

“We don’t think that the park is a suitable place for older people to live.

“Firstly you have the noise from the stadium, it’s loud enough at the moment but what is it going to be like with the addition of the new stand and if SDCC get the go ahead for concerts?

“What older person will want to live there?

“I think the plans are just a smokescreen, a Trojan horse really because the council will say “oh these apartments aren’t suitable for older people so lets open them up to everybody”.

John is asking the community to put pressure on councillors by signing an online petition which can be found at

“Councillors recently voted 26-6 in favour of building on a green space in Springfield so they’re the kind of odds we’re up against.

“Sinn Fein and Fine Gael are at logger heads in the Dail but united in SDCC when it comes to the issue of building apartments on green spaces!

“I know we need to build housing in this community and we are in the middle of a crisis but I think we should only start raiding the parks when we have exhausted all other avenues.

“There is a site near Sheaf House which would be ideal for this type of development, why don’t the council use that?!

Tallaght Community Council are also throwing their support behind the petition.

“From recreational and high amenity to residential, removing a park ranger from his home, the complete park depot, an urban farm run voluntarily by Mr Boylan and 2 social inclusive community gardens.

“The long term loss to the community of all these services is not in our view the best or appropriate action for our park and our community.”

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