Development Plan is the ‘greenest ever’

by Ian Begley

Elected members of South Dublin County Council have finalised their review of the council’s Draft Development Plan 2016-2022, which sets out a vision for the future growth of South County Dublin over the six-year period and beyond.
The County Development Plan 2016-22 consists of streamlined policies and objectives across a range of topics such as housing, employment and transport, and includes new sections on Green Infrastructure and Energy.
It also includes a comprehensive Core Strategy for future development in line with relevant national and regional policy and guidance.
Housing is one of the key strategies of this development plan, with identification of over 32,000 additional houses needed throughout South Dublin County with over 8,300 of those units for social housing.
It also includes a 15% social housing requirement for all housing developments, and to facilitate the development of emergency accommodation throughout the county.
As part of the objectives for community infrastructure, a swimming pool for the Lucan area was included, along with the development of new facilities and post primary schools in Lucan, Clondalkin and its surrounding areas.
The development of greenways, local heritage trails and the development of regional and national sporting venues in locations served by high frequency public transport were included in the economic development and tourism strategy part of the plan.
A six-year road programme throughout the county to upgrade existing links and create new links is included, which also involves the establishment of a green infrastructure network across the county during 2016 to 2022.
The elected members of the council finalised their consideration of the Chief Executive’s Report on the submissions received during public consultation on the Draft Plan at a six hour Special Council Meeting on February 5.
Commenting on the review of the Development Plan, Chief executive Daniel McLoughlin said: “The review of the County Development Plan and the preparation of a new Plan is one of the most important functions of South Dublin County Council.
“The review has come at a time of change. Following a period of economic contraction the outlook for the period of the next Plan is more positive.
“This time of transition and renewed growth presents new challenges in the way we plan for our future and offers opportunities to examine innovative ways and means of achieving a brighter future for the citizens of South Dublin County.”
Cllr Paul Gogarty (Ind) welcomed the plan, saying: “This council now has the greenest Development Plan ever, even if some of our motions were modified.”
One of Cllr Gogarty’s motions that was passed was “to ensure that all new public buildings include green roofs and/or solar panels or a mix of the two for flood alleviation, insulation and the supply of low carbon renewable energy and/or heating alternatives.”
Also commenting, Cllr Guss O’Connell (Ind) said: “My main focus was on facilities and also on traffic management. We fought very hard against the recommendation of the National Roads Authority and the National Transport Authority to reopen Tandy’s lane and Esker Lane, and we’re also pushing for them to something about the Junction at the N4, at Fonthill road.

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