Council urged to acquire Clondalkin vacant homes

by Mark O'Brien
Mayor Mark Ward and William Carey at the vacant homes in Clondalkin

South Dublin County Council have been urged to pursue a compulsory purchase order on six vacant homes in Clondalkin.

The three-storey homes on Station Road have been vacant since they were built in 2006.
South Dublin Mayor Mark Ward said he was “angered” that the homes remain vacant during a housing crisis.

He said: “The housing system in this country is broken and all the talk that we hear from Government means nothing.

“The situation is getting worse. More and more families are receiving notices to quit from landlords and there is nowhere for them to go.”

Mayor Ward said he has been advising people who have received notices to quit to remain in their homes until they have found alternative accommodation.

“It would be inhumane to advise them to comply with a notice to quit when it could mean they could end up on the streets with their children,” he said.

“Hotels are full, Hubs are at full capacity, HAP is not working and there are very few social houses available, so where are these families meant to go?”

“I get calls every week from desperate families about houses that are vacant and boarded up. Some of these have valid reasons but a lot of them do not.”

Mayor Ward raised the issue with the council in May. In response to his query, the council said the properties are being investigated under the Vacant Homes Strategy.

The council report added: “It has been our understanding that an Approved Housing Body were pursuing to purchase but developer did not progress.”

Mayor Ward said it was “scandalous” that the homes remained vacant.

“I don’t really care why the developer did not progress,” he said.

“I want the full law of the land brought forward on this developer so that these houses can be used to house people on the social housing list.

“I can confirm that these properties were being investigated under the Vacant Homes Strategy, but I have no update on what the outcome of the investigation was.

“When we hear about ghost estates we often think these are solely in rural areas, however here we have six vacant homes in the middle of Clondalkin while we have over 8,000 people on our social housing list.

“The Government need to bring in legislation that will prohibit property developers to idly sit on properties like these.”

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