Council denies damp in Tor an Ri

by Ian Begley

SOUTH Dublin County Council has denied that houses in Tor an Ri, Lucan are damp or pose health risks.
Balgaddy Working Together Group compiled a list of 39 social houses in the estate that they feel have serious problems with mould and dampness.
The Lucan-based group compiled a report of the four social housing developments in the area and report finding 39 of the units with defects.
Lorraine Hennessey from the Working Together group told The Gazette: “Since we became aware that this problem wasn’t with just one or two homes in the area we made a report, which proves that this issue is affecting people in the four different developments here.
“The mould and dampness are recurring all the time in these homes so we highlighted this issue to local representatives, but we’re still trying to get the council to admit that there’s a real problem.”
Michelle Morrissey, who lives in a duplex in Tor an Ri, told The Gazette that her family’s home is unfit to live in.
She said: “The whole house is damp all over, and my son’s room is an absolute disgrace and his mattress has turned almost green.
“I keep my windows open all the time, but I’m being told that this problem is down to condensation.
“I’ve been in touch with a lot of local councillors and they came around to have a look at my home and were disgusted.
“The smell of the dampness is disgraceful and I really look after my house so there’s no reason why this should be happening.”
Fumi Olatunji, who also lives in a duplex in Tor an Ri, said that the mould and dampness in her home make her fear for her children’s health.
“Everything here is just cold and damp.
“A few months ago my bed collapsed because water had gotten into the wood.
“My bathroom is not even fit for a dog and my living room is also a disgrace with the dampness.
“You can’t even bring a guest into this house no matter how much you try and clean it.
“I’m very concerned about my children’s health. I don’t want them to contract bronchitis or some other type of breathing problem.
“People have come here on countless occasions to try and fix the problem, but I know this can’t be solved.”
A spokesperson from the council said: “All reported defects in the housing units in Tor an Ri have been examined thoroughly and any defects found have been remedied.
“They are not damp or a fire hazard nor do they pose a health and safety risk.
“If the tenants involved contact our maintenance section we will arrange an inspection to examine any problem reported and remedy any defects found.”

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