“I’ll keep fighting for Coco’s Law”, says devastated mum Jackie

by Gazette Reporter

The mother of a young woman who died by suicide has said she is “absolutely devastated” that a new law against online bullying may not be named after her.

Jackie Fox has been campaigning for stricter measures against online harassment since her daughter Nicole Fox Fenton died at their Clondalkin home in 2018.

She was promised the new Harassment, Harmful Communications and Related Offences Bill would be passed under the name Coco’s Law – but she has now been told this may not be possible.

Justice Minister Helen McEntee has promised to pass the law, which would outlaw cyber bullying and revenge porn, before the end of the year.

Grieving mum Jackie, who moved to Wexford after Nicole’s tragic death, said it was “just devastating” to hear her daughter may not be remembered in the Bill.

“I have fought for nearly three years for Coco’s Law. I have protested, I had marches, I do talks in schools, colleges, youth clubs and everyone that knows me and has followed Coco’s story knows it as Coco’s Law,” she said.

“To get the rug pulled out from underneath me at such a late stage is just devastating. I campaigned for two things – one, to get the law in and two, to get it called Coco’s Law.

“One is nothing without the other. It was always going to be Nicole’s legacy for her name to live on as Coco’s Law.”

Jackie said the only person with the power to change the name is now Minister McEntee, who she was due to meet with this week.

“She is the only person that can just turn around say two simple letters – OK,” she said. “Then it can be put in the law.”

She added: “I fought for two things and have been assured all the way up that Coco was going to be in the title,” she said.

“If Coco is not in the title, there is no Coco’s Law. Coco’s Law does not exist.”

“Whether they name it in things here, there and everywhere, that means nothing to me. Her name is not in the title, so Coco does not have a law. She does not have a legacy.”

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