Mayor on the attack after Clonburris appeal

by Padraig Conlon

Mayor Mark Ward accused Fine Gael and South Dublin Independents of delaying delivery of social housing.

In a scathing attack delivered following the conclusion of the Clonburris appeal last week, Mayor Ward didn’t hold back.

“We are in the midst of the biggest housing crisis in the history of the state,” he said

“And the actions of Fine Gael and Independents on South Dublin has further delayed the delivery of much needed housing.

“Clonburris could make a serious dent in the housing crisis.

“A number of Councillors appealed the plan and disregarded the democratic decision of the majority of Councillors.

“These Councillors were Higgins, Egan and Casserly of Fine Gael and Timmons, Gogarty, O Connell and O Toole from the Independent grouping”

“We constantly hear Minister Eoghan Murphy on his soap box telling anyone who will listen that he is doing his upmost to deliver housing, yet his Councillors in South Dublin are impeding him.

“Recently there is pattern of Fine Gael opposing the delivery of public houses in South Dublin.

“They opposed an older persons development of 44 units in Whitestown Way and also impeded the development of 70 public homes and a much needed Community Centre in Balgaddy”

“The Independents that I named are in cahoots with Fine Gael in delaying the delivery of Clonburris.

“They will bang their chest and announce that they are not against Social Housing but the evidence points to the contrary.”

Independent Councillor Guss O’Connell however explained the reasons why he and his colleagues lodged appeals with APB.

“I and my community colleagues, Cllrs Gogarty, Timmins and O’Toole supported by Cllr Higgins of FG, put forward arguments at the three-day hearing in An Bord Pleanala, to back up our written submissions,” he said.

“We seek linked-up planning, not repeating the mistakes of the past.

“Yes, we have a housing shortage and I am not against housing either social, affordable or private.

“But the Special Development Zone (SDZ) Plan, drawn up by South Dublin County Council and agreed by SF, People Before Profit, Independents 4 Change and Solidarity fails to plan for the services, facilities, transport and public roads that a development the size of Wexford Town will need in a phased manner over the fifteen to twenty years it will take to build and create a sustainable community.

“We argue that we are planning for tomorrow.

“The housing crises will be solved but the results of bad planning will live for generations.

“Our only clients are home seekers, the existing communities of Clondalkin and Lucan and future residents of Clonburris.”

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