Charity is coining it thanks to generosity

by Mark O'Brien

LUCAN residents dug deep recently to help a charity that is aiming to buy life-saving equipment for children.


Koins for Kids Ireland repatriates non-Euro coin, collects out of date and damaged currency, and one and two cent coin accumulations.


The charity is hoping to raise enough money to purchase an MRI machine for the new Children’s Hospital.


Founder Liam Duggan (pictured) told Dublin Gazette that the people of Lucan have been particularly generous.


He said: “St Mary’s in Lucan donated 60kg of the stuff to us which is the weight of a fully-grown man.


“That was probably the biggest donation we had in the non-Euro coin.”


Liam spent 22 years as a taxi driver before returning to college to study Business, Economics and Social Studies at Trinity College.


He said that he got the idea for Koins for Kids while he was studying.


“I was in Trinity when I started it off and I used to do it on a Saturday outside Bewley’s because Bewley’s was closed down at the time for refurbishments,” he said.


“The first €500 was the hardest €500 and then as it accumulated, people started taking it more seriously.”


The charity have since raised in excess of €50,000 and say they intend to make a big difference to children who suffer for reasons beyond their control.


“The goal at the moment is an MRI machine,” said Liam.


“It’s a very sophisticated and expensive machine but it’ll save children’s lives decades into the future.”


The group say no donation is too small and Liam said that he believes there is a huge amount of non-Euro currency sitting in homes across the country that could be put to good use.


“Non-Euro coin is what I’m focusing on at the moment because there’s statistics from the Central Bank saying that there’s actually 100 million in Punt currency still out there,” he said.


“That’s only a fraction of what foreign non-Euro coin is out there in Ireland. I reckon there’s a billion of it out there, which would pay for the hospital.”


Locals who wish to donate old coins can do so by dropping the coins into St Mary’s Sacristy or St Mary’s Parish Office.


The charity also has drop-off points all over Dublin city and county. See for a full list of collection points.

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