‘How can school open without traffic plan?’

by Ian Begley

There is growing concern amongst Lucan residents regarding an increase in traffic following the opening of a new school at Esker Lane.
Anxiety over traffic implications grew earlier this year when South Dublin County Council sought planning enforcement action against the Department of Education for failing to submit a traffic and parking plan for Kisogue Community College, which opened earlier this week at Esker Lane.
Lucan Cllr William Lavelle (FG) told The Gazette that he has already been contacted by many residents in Esker Lodge, Park, and Glebe estates who are concerned about the traffic management and parking implications of the new secondary school.
Myles Towers of Esker Lodge residents’ association said: “It’s absolutely crazy, I can’t understand this. How on earth can a school open without meeting residents about traffic management?
“We should have had a meeting with the school and the council before they opened the school. The traffic around this area is only going to get worse.
“We hope to have a meeting with Esker Park residents and the council this September. All of this should have been resolved before the school opened.
“The school has only been open a week and people have already come into our estate to park and it’s hard enough to get out of the estate in the morning anyway,” he said.
Commenting on the residents’ concerns, Cllr Lavelle said: “I have made repeated representations to the council regarding the need for traffic management and parking measures at Esker Lane, above and beyond what is being carried out as part of the construction of the school.
“The council roads department have indicated to me that they will review the traffic and parking situation when the school opens and that additional traffic management measure will be introduced as required,” he said.
At the time of going to print, this paper received no comment from South Dublin County Council in relation to this matter.
Meanwhile, there has been an additional surge of controversy regarding the planned works at the Elmbrook/Willsbrook road roundabout.
The National Transport Authority (NTA) have stated that they have decided to proceed with the Willsbrook Road Cycle Scheme Phase 2, which will involve changes to the Mount Bellew/Willsbrook Road/Elmbrook roundabout.
This decision had been taken without the approval of councillors and without any prior public consultation, on the basis that these works are deemed to represent “exempted development” not requiring planning consent.
Commenting on these works, a NTA spokesperson said: “Last year the NTA funded the council’s upgrade of roundabouts in the Willsbrook Road area of south Lucan, to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists, particularly school children accessing the four nearby schools, with minimal loss in junction capacity for cars or buses. Speeds have also been reduced.
“The scheme has been very successful,” said the spokesperson.

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