Bus Connects flaws ‘must be addressed’

by Patrick Finnegan

Clondalkin Labour councillor, Breeda Bonner has made a major submission to Bus Connects about the shortcomings of its proposals for the Clondalkin, Rathcoole and Newcastle areas.

Among the shortcomings she highlighted the need for a feeder bus to the Clondalkin/Fonthill Rail Station, so that people in Clondalkin and Lucan can avail of the new train services which bring people right into the City Centre at Connolly Station and beyond.

She said: “At 20 minutes from Clondalkin to Connolly, this is by far the quickest
way to make this journey and should be made widely available.

“Also continued bus service between Rathcoole and Clondalkin, in part because many school students avail of such a service.

“The new proposed D3 route to be altered to use Monastery Road and the route through Woodford before joining the New Nangor Road.

“By doing this, buses would avoid the narrow Watery Lane as well as continuing to provide Woodford/ Monksfield with a good service. Greater capacity on the Luas to
cope with the buses terminating in that location.”

Cllr Bonner said that these points give a flavour of her submission, but that she has presented Bus Connects with a great deal of detail.

She said: “It was vital that Bus Connects takes seriously the many thousand submissions it has received from the public.

“While there are many positives in their proposals such as transferable tickets from one bus to another and more frequent buses on major routes, there are glaring shortcomings which must be addressed.”

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