Blanket of Love comforts Eoin, 6

by Gazette Reporter

LOCALS this week presented their “Blanket of Love” to six-year-old Eoin McStravick Sloan, who was diagnosed with Metachromatic Leukodystrophy in October last year.

The disease affects motor functions and can lead to a loss of sight and hearing.

A group of Lucan residents decided to knit and crochet a blanket to comfort Eoin, with each member of the group making a square before meeting up to stitch the blanket together.

The lovely lad’s smile says it all

Maryline Waters, who came up with the idea, said that seeing Eoin’s thrilled reaction to the blanket made the group’s effort worthwhile.

She said: “It was an emotional moment but the big smile on his little face made all the work, every stitch of the blanket, every second so worthwhile. He truly was delighted with it.”

Eoin’s family are currently trying to raise funds to help pay for his care. Anyone wishing to donate to help Eoin can do so by visiting

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