Andrew can’t weight to get started on Operation Transformation

by Gazette Reporter

By Rose Barrett

Not for the first time a Clondalkin leader carries the hopes of Dublin on this year’s Operation Transformation.

Andrew Burke-Hannon is following in the footsteps of Sean Daly who lost over six stone taking part in the reality show in 2017.

Andrew featured on last night’s opening show on RTE and admitted he was taken by surprise when host Kathryn Thomas knocked on his door.

Andrew, 32, works with Nestle Ireland and admits while he loves stylish clothes, he does not like seeing his body silhouette in the mirror. The last time he was happy with his physique was when he was 20 and boasted a 26in waist.

At 14 stone, the Clondalkin native wants to stop the spread now and despite many efforts in the past, he never managed to get under 13 and a half stone.

The Operation Transformation team

Despite his husband Jason being an ace cook, Andrew feels working from home during the pandemic and being “only a few feet from the kitchen presses and the fridge” hasn’t helped.

Biscuits are too near from hand to mouth, he admits, “until the whole packet is gone”. An introvert by nature, Andrew was bullied at school but overcame the intimidation and pursued his passion for baton twirling, and participated in many prestigious competitions.

Up to now his husband was the only person he felt comfortable discussing his body issues with. But for the next eight weeks he will have all of Dublin following his progress and weight loss.

Of his gruelling assessment day experience Andrew said: “The experience was amazing, everything about it, having the support of everyone around you, pushing you. I just wouldn’t have done some of the things I did that day without the support of everyone.

“I’ve been thinking about it since, if I could have applied myself like that – how much I could change and make me fitter, healthier.”

He added: “The fire is lit under me now!”

Follow Andrew’s progress on OT on RTÉ One on Wednesdays from 9.35pm with weekly weigh-ins, exercise routines and low-calorie meals shared by renowned chefs across the country.

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