Amended area plan gets warm welcome

by Ian Begley

South Dublin County Council has recently voted to amend the Adamstown Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) planning scheme, which includes a reduction in residential units, a reduction in residential densities, changes in transport planning, and the prevention of the proposed phasing of a swimming pool.
This means the swimming pool will not be delayed and is expected to be built in Adamstown sooner than originally planned.
The changes were agreed on February 10 at the monthly county council meeting following a lengthy public consultation process. The changes include a 20% reduction in the overall number of residential units permitted. Residential densities have also been reduced from a range of 53-64 units per hectare to a range of 44-51.
This density change will reduce the overall number of residential units permitted in Adamstown from 10,000 to 8,145 units.
Lucan Cllr William Lavelle (FG) said: “In real terms the change in density will allow more flexibility to provide more terraced town-housing in place of the apartment/duplex models which dominated to date.
“These changes will hopefully kick-start sustainable development in Adamstown. This will help meet demand and support construction jobs while ensuring that Adamstown is not left as another unfinished development which was local residents’ worst fear.”
The transport changes include the bringing forward of new road links from Adamstown to Dodsboro Road and Celbridge Road. Measures to address existing traffic problems at Newcastle Road will also be examined and implemented to improve traffic flow.
An introduction of a cap on residential development will be put in place before a direct rail link to the city centre is provided. The National Transport Authority has advised that it will facilitate this by reopening the Phoenix Park rail tunnel, to be followed eventually by DART Underground.
The National Transport Authority has also stated that it will oversee the development of a bus capacity to serve Adamstown at each phase of development.
Councillors also voted to protect the early delivery of community infrastructure, including the requirement for a large community centre and all-weather pitches in the current phase.
The council voted to agree a cross-party amendment tabled by councillors William Lavelle (FG), Eamon Tuffy (Lab) and Guss O’Connell (Ind) which prevented the proposed phasing requirement for a new swimming pool from the current ceiling of 4,600 residential units to a new ceiling of 2,600 units.
Cllr Tuffy said that he is pleased that the amended SDZ Planning Scheme, including the further amendment relating to the phasing of a swimming pool, had been adopted.
Speaking to the Gazette he said: “I would like to thank all those residents of Adamstown and the greater Lucan area who participated in the public consultation, the director of planning and his officials for all the work they put into designing amendments to the original plan, implementing a very thorough public consultation process, and working with the councillors for the Lucan area in refining aspects of the amendments.
“I look forward to further development of Adamstown picking up in the very near future. There is an obvious need for first time homes for people in the Dublin area, and because Adamstown is an SDZ I hope that further development in Adamstown will play a large part in meeting this need,” said Cllr Tuffy.
The planning scheme for the Adamstown SDZ was adopted in 2003, but the development has stalled since 2009 and to date only 1,250 residential units have been occupied.

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