All Foxford dwellings need repair – council

by Gazette Reporter

EVERY dwelling in Foxford Court will require some form of remediation, South Dublin County Council (SDCC) has said this week.
However, the sources of funding to fix the problems at the development have yet to be clarified.
Last month, The Gazette reported how owners of apartments at the complex, which was developed and sold by the council, had discovered inadequate or non-existent fire-stopping measures in their homes.
Since then, a number of questions have been put to the Lucan Area Committee meeting, with Labour councillors Caitriona Jones and Eamon Tuffy, as well as Cllr William Lavelle (FG) querying the matter at the recent meeting.
Cllr Tuffy asked the county manager for a full report on the role of the council in working with developers Newlyn Developments in order to fix the problems at the apartment complex.
In response, the council said that, as an owner of three apartments at the development, they had committed to meeting with Newlyn.
The council revealed that a meeting had taken place between themselves and a Newlyn representative, who had “expressed himself open to evaluating the problem and seeking a solution, in partnership with the owners”.
The council added that “surveys have taken place on an additional five dwellings in the scheme” by fire safety company Pro Fire, which were employed by the management company at Foxford Court.
These inspections bring the total number of units surveyed thus far to 10. The council also said that the chief fire officer does not require evacuation of the site and costs will be established once a remedial strategy is confirmed.
“These calculations will commence immediately and the likely cost be finalised within the next few weeks,” said the council.
“Funding sources will be examined and, hopefully, agreed when this stage is completed.
“Each dwelling will require some level of remediation and the co-operation of owners and tenants will be required. The works will be supervised and signed off by the fire safety consultant employed directly by, and acting solely on behalf of, the management company.”
Cllr Tuffy said the council is handling the matter well, adding: “I would have questions over the line about the funding sources. I’m not entirely sure what is meant, but I would say that the homeowners should not have to bear any of the cost.”

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