30 min of free parking in Lucan

by Ian Begley

outh Dublin County Council (SDCC) plans to introduce 30 minutes of free parking in Lucan Village and other urban centres in South County Dublin.
This move is expected to reduce costs for visitors and shoppers in Lucan and support the commercial life of the village.
The new arrangements will be phased in over the next four to six weeks, but does not apply to residential areas in South County Dublin.
Lucan councillor William Lavelle (FG) welcomed this initiative, saying: “This vote to introduce 30 minutes free parking represents a major victory and massive boost for Lucan Village as it will reduce costs for visitors and shoppers and will support the commercial life of our village.”
Lavelle initiated a campaign to introduce this initiative following a report presented last October’s meeting of the council’s Lucan Area Committee, which showed that parking charge revenue in Lucan Village in the 12 months from September 2012 to August 2013 totalled €260,000, representing 40% of all parking charge revenue accruing to SDCC.
The report also indicated that, in 2012, SDCC generated a net profit from parking charges of €345,000. Given that Lucan Village contributes 40% of all parking charge revenue, it is estimated that Lucan Village contributes €140,000 in a net parking profit to the council.
Commenting on these figures last October, Lavelle said: “It seems Lucan Village is proving a ‘cash cow’ for the council when it comes to pay parking.”
Cllr Eamon Tuffy (Lab) said: “I definitely think this will benefit retail shops in Lucan, but I would be a little bit concerned over whether it will also benefit restaurants, doctor practices, and other types of businesses in the area.
“It will definitely benefit retail because people generally know how long they will be picking up their messages, but at the same time they might not be able to go for a coffee afterwards.
“It doesn’t apply to residential areas and in Lucan it doesn’t apply to Sarsfields Park because if it did the park [in my opinion] would just become an extension to the general parking scheme.”

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