Well Being is becoming more about Being Well with new campaign

by Gazette Reporter

By Yvonne Reddin

Wellness has become part of our everyday practice for our ability to live in this pandemic world.

People in general have had to find new resources for minding their mental health. We have seen a surge in people taking to outdoor activities. For me, an essential part of my daily routine has been sea swimming.

Noticing or perhaps remembering the beauty of nature and what has always been around us, is one key element to minding ourselves.

Sea swimming is not for everyone but there are many other activities to partake in to keep us minding our mental health and staying focused.

Communities have supported and helped each other throughout the pandemic and the government plan for Living with Covid 2021 highlights that important role.

The campaign is called ‘Keep Well’ and invites groups, communities, individuals across a broad spectrum of professions and businesses to come up with ideas for new activities and routines that will help us survive.

There are five main themes to the ‘Keep Well’ campaign which are:

  • Keeping Active
  • Keeping Connected
  • Being Creative
  • Eating Well
  • Managing your Mood

These five themes have links in each county council on what and where these safe activities are.

There are a range of online exercise programmes and fitness challenges to avail of to suit all ages and fitness levels. Community centres are still contactable by phone and there are new online classes beginning in a lot of these centres.

Its all about staying engaged and connected with our communities. Dun Laoghaire- Rathdown Public Participation Network (DLR PPN) in combination with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Council have put together a few short videos on the use of zoom.

There are Community Call teams in every county and will help you any way they can with COVID 19 related questions. There are volunteer supports in every community; there is support available and all you need to do is contact your local county council.

The link for Dun Laoghaire County Council and all the information on this campaign is here: https://www.gov.ie/en/campaigns/healthy-ireland/

Social Prescribing Co Ordinator Lisa Sieger Jamieson is part of a team that are included in the ‘Keep Well’ campaign.

The Social Prescribing Team will talk to you about what activities interest you or what supports you may need and will then assist you in availing of these activities (in line with current social distancing guidelines).

Whereas the ‘Keep Well’ campaign will give you the resources for you to decide independently what is best for you. Begin by reaching out and not becoming more isolated. There is support and people there to help you mind yourself through this challenging cycle.

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