‘We’ll cause chaos at Croker to highlight brothel plague’

by Emma Nolan

DORSET Street residents are protesting against their area being turned into a red-light district amid reports of numerous brothels operating nearby.

Residents say that several complaints have been made to gardai over the last year but nothing has been done yet.

“Residents believe that certain buildings are being used as brothels,” Fianna Fail Dublin Central representative Brian Mohan said.

Mr Mohan said that the residents’ claims are not speculative based on some investigations they carried out themselves.

“One resident took a phone number listed on one of the suspected buildings and typed it into google.

“After he googled it, a lot of unsavoury ads popped up, with certain services being offered at the address,” he explained.

“The residents have tried to go over and speak with the people in the building but they just keep shutting the door on them.”

Locals’ pets helped to make their protest point

Mr Mohan also explained that a shop on the street shares a back entrance with one of the alleged brothels and it is often littered with “paraphernalia associated with that sort of business”.

“Condoms and tissues and things like that,” he continued.

“When the shop owner came back after Christmas he said it was like someone had a ‘condom party’ out the back garden. So it’s definitely being used as a brothel.”

Gardai said they could not confirm if an investigation into the alleged brothels is taking place as they do not comment on individual investigations.

Mr Mohan said that residents have been protesting against these alleged brothels because of the children in the area.

“A sex shop is after opening up and a lot of unsavoury people are hanging around.”

The residents also say they are concerned for the people working in the alleged brothels.

One told The Gazette: “It’s not that we just want the brothels shut down, we want them investigated to see what’s going on and if they people involved are being treated fairly and if they’re there by choice.”

A small protest was held last week on the busy Dublin 1 street, but the residents have said they will block traffic to the U2 concert in Croke Park next month if their concerns are not addressed.

“We’ll be blocking off the road ahead of the U2 concert, which will cause a nightmare for the city and will finally bring the matter to the attention of the gardai.”

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