Pope John Paul NS does the Waggle Dance!

by Rose Barrett

Congratulations to Pope John Paul II National School who won the SuperValu national SavetheBees competition! The school scooped an incredible €5,000!

“When we set out to highlight the importance of bees in our day to day lives, how we all have a responsibility to help through SuperValu’s #SavetheBees in primary schools throughout Ireland, the pupils in Pope John Paul II NS listened,” said SuperValu Malahide.

“They dreamt how they could help, they believed in the cause and achievement followed. The whole school community embraced the #SavetheBees campaign with evidence there to see as you walk through the school gates. This all culminated in the achievement of winning €5,000 for their school that we were proud to present. Dream, Believe, Achieve is their school motto and how true they are!

“And here they are doing Waggle Dance, now record holders of that with the most amount of people dancing together! It is incredible that 1/3 of the food we eat is made possible by bees and unfortunately 1/3 of Irish Bees are at threat with becoming extinct. They need our help!”

Congratulations to all involved at Pope John Paul 11 NS in Malahide, well done.

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