School pupils deliver Valentine’s with a difference to Government

by Gazette Reporter

Young school children from Dublin delivered Valentine’s messages with a difference to the Government on behalf of The Reopen Schools IRL (in real life) group.

Last Sunday, 100 hearts, each capturing what school children miss about school, were hand drawn by pupils who are missing school, their friends and their teachers.

Reopen Schools IRL is a growing group of parents, asking government to create a plan for reopening schools – a matter of extreme urgency that demands an all-government focus.

Spokesperson Mary McCarthy said: “The schools must reopen as a matter of genuine urgency. As is known, children’s health and education is suffering with every day that passes.

“Government must take responsibility and action a prompt plan for the full reopening of schools. Schoolchildren make up 21% of the citizens of Ireland and they are suffering terribly during this prolonged school closure.”

Medical advice from paediatricians and psychologists warn of long-term effects with school-going children the most likely age group to suffer from social isolation.

Reopen Schools IRL is asking that:

  • NPHET reflect this urgency in their advice and provide clear, solution focused guidance as to what is required for the schools to open.
  • Unions work with government on behalf of the children that they directly impact.
  • Government find a way to make it work.

It warns: “Every real-life school day counts and children need a return to school date, fast.” #ReopenSchoolsIRL

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