Update to Labre Park redevelopment plans

by Gazette Reporter

Clúid Housing, Approved Housing Body and Dublin City Council (DCC), working in partnership with Labre Park residents, Ballyfermot Traveller Action Programme (BTAP) and CENA would like to announce an update to the redevelopment of Labre Park, Ireland’s first site built specifically for Travellers by a Local Authority.

Following an extensive consultation process with residents and representative groups, Clúid received funding approval from the Department of Housing in late 2016 to redevelop Labre Park. The total cost of the redevelopment was confirmed to be €12.5m.

Following a number of site surveys as part of the design process and consultation with Dublin City Council’s planning and development teams, part of the proposed development has been identified as a flood risk inconsistent with development. As a result, and despite several additional design reviews, the number of new homes planned has been reduced from 26 to between 14 and 18.

The project will now see the creation of the new houses, a community centre, pocket park and the refurbishment of 20 existing houses. Clúid and DCC plan to provide suitable alternative accommodation for those initially included in the redevelopment plans. It is envisaged that over 30 families will be re-homed over the next 12 months.

“DCC is committed to the redevelopment of Labre Park and to ensure that appropriate homes are provided to all the current residents of Labre Park,” said Brendan Kenny, Deputy Chief Executive of Dublin City Council. “Dublin City Council will work tirelessly to ensure that the redevelopment of Labre Park is given the utmost priority.”

Each of the families living on the site have been consulted and their specific individual needs have been considered. This included the option to select a house, or a caravan bay with a day house. Residents who are living with a disability or have more specific physical needs will be supported with specific design solutions and younger generations have and will continue to play a key role in the design of the common areas, playground, community centre and park.

Commenting on the redevelopment, Clúid Housing New Business Manager, Sarah Owens said: “We’ve been working really hard to get the redevelopment of Labre Park underway and to ensure the voices of existing and future residents inform the design process. Things haven’t moved as fast as we would have liked but we are delighted to be entering a new phase in the redevelopment today and to start the process of rehoming residents and clearing the site in preparation for development work to commence next year.”

Dublin City Council and Clúid Housing will now begin to secure appropriate alternative accommodation for those currently living on the site, including those who have recently moved to Labre Park and those who have recently turned 18.

“This has been a complicated project with numerous setbacks but our entire team including our Resident Engagement Officer, Environment and Sustainability Manager and numerous other internal departments will continue to progress the redevelopment of Labre Park,” added Owens. “Dublin City Council and Clúid are committed to working in conjunction with BTAP and CENA to housing those who have joined the community since 2016 and all those who have turned 18 since we initially agreed the redevelopment plan. We are delighted to be able to confirm this today and look forward to working with the residents to move the project forward.”

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