Luas operators remind the public to be vigilant near tracks

by Juliana Reyes

Luas operator Transdev is reminding pedestrians, cyclists and motorists the importance of paying attention around Luas tracks due to an increase in incidents this year.

There have been two fatalities and a tram derailing between January and April.

The Luas has come in contact with 14 vehicles, seven pedestrians and zero cyclists this last four months.

Compared to last year’s statistics of the Luas trams coming to contact with 25 vehicles, nine pedestrians and one cyclist. 

To illustrate the number of incidents, Transdev have put out CCTV footage showing pedestrians and cyclist crossing the tracks without looking both left and right and then they come in direct contact with a tram. Some of the pedestrians are young children. Motorists are shown breaking red lights and a tram hitting them head on.

Luas have released a new video highlighting the need for vigilance

Transdev would like to remind pedestrians to always look left and right before crossing tram tracks and for motorists to slow down coming up to traffic lights.

They also ask everyone not to assume that the tram is going to be able to stop instantly, and to familiarise yourself with the tram lines. If you see a motorist break a red light to report it to Garda Síochána.

Managing Director of Transdev, Seamus Egan, stated that the trams are on a fixed track and can not swerve nor stop instantly. When a motorist breaks a red light, they are putting their lives and their passengers’ lives in danger while affecting the Luas customers and cause significant delays.

The Luas has been a part of the city for fifteen years this June and had 42 million passengers in 2018 and it is continually growing.

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