Cllr Matt Waine raised concerns over a potential flaw in the way traffic data is used when considering planning applications

A MAJOR potential discrepancy in traffic data submitted to support planning applications has come to light, according to Cllr Matt Waine (AAA).
The discrepancy relates to the TRICS system, which is used to estimate traffic volumes on proposed developments.
This system is used across the UK and Ireland, but a survey carried out by two local residents claims that TRICS seriously underestimates the volume of expected traffic for many planned developments.
TRICS was used to estimate the traffic volumes at discount stores in Castleknock and Clonsilla.
However, the surveys carried out by the residents – which were carried out at off-peak times – found that the traffic volume was double that which TRICS predicted for both developments.
Speaking after the recent Castleknock/Mulhuddart Local Area Meeting, Cllr Waine said: “Thanks to the work of two local women, members of a local Residents’ Association, we know that traffic flow projec-tions for new developments are massively underestimating the actual traffic volumes that would be created by the proposed development.
“All planning applications are obliged to submit traffic reports to support the proposed new development. This data is, in the vast majority of cases, sourced from a traffic volume database – developed by six British local authorities – called ‘TRICS’.
“Prospective developers access the traffic surveys from this database to come up with a projected traffic flow expected in the new development.
“The problem arises in that Fingal – and it appears any other planning authority – do not have access to the parameters and specific details of these surveys and are therefore unable to verify whether the data is accurate or not.”
TRICS data was used to support the controversial Lidl development in Castleknock but it is claimed that the samples used to demonstrate the expected traffic flow for the health clinic in the new development contained many samples that were not comparable in terms of size and location.
At the Local Area Meeting, Cllr Waine called for a freeze on planning applications that include TRICS date until the data can be verified.
In response to the motion, the council said that TRICS was currently the best system available to them and that it critically examined TRICS data.


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