Screengrab supplied (and edited) by a Young Fine Gael member showing Cllr Brian Murphy’s contentious comments

Emma Nolan and Aisling Kennedy

ALOCAL Fine Gael councillor has called An Taoiseach Enda Kenny “toxic” following a week of political upheaval.

In a damning comment, Cllr Brian Murphy said the Taoiseach is a “danger and an obstacle” to Fine Gael.

Writing on the Young Fine Gael YFG National Discussion Forum, the Dundrum councillor, who was elected in 2014, went on to say that the leader of the party is “pure toxic”.

Cllr Murphy went on to say: “Enda Kenny is now using the party for personal gain, I would go as far as to say that.”

While some members of the YFG group disagreed with Cllr Murphy’s comments, many agreed with him, with a fellow Young Fine Gael member saying: “I can count more than 10 times in the GE [General Election] that he came up on the doors – the party was fine, the candidate was fine BUT Enda Kenny … was not fine.”

The hashtag “#KennyOut” was also used.

Senator Neale Richmond [FG] said that he “can understand Brian’s frustrations, but that extreme language is unnecessary”.

“We all must remember how far Enda Kenny as Taoiseach has brought the country, and as a leader of Fine Gael has brought the party.”

Senator Richmond added that Mr Kenny has his full support.

Other local Fine Gael representatives condemned Cllr Murphy’s comments. Cllr Patricia Stewart said: “I thought they were a disgrace, and he certainly doesn’t speak for me.

“I don’t think people realise at what personal cost he [Enda Kenny] has led the Government and brought the country back from the brink of the worst recession we’ve ever seen.

“Enda Kenny has my full support. He’s said he’ll go when he’s made his mind up when it’s best for the party and for the country.

“Brian Murphy is not a wet week in politics and I just don’t agree with anything that was said. I don’t agree with a word of it.”

Cllr John Bailey said that he doesn’t “get involved in this sort of carry-on” but that Mr Kenny has his full support until such time as he decides to step down.

Cllr Bailey’s Dun Laoghaire colleague, Cllr Mary Freyne, echoed her party colleagues’ comments, saying that “Enda Kenny is not toxic in most people’s opinion in Fine Gael”.

She added: “I don’t agree with him [Cllr Murphy] at all and I don’t think he should put things like that up because it’s not warranted and it’s not helpful,” she added.

The Gazette tried to contact Cllr Murphy several times for comment but he had not replied by the time of going to print.


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