Tesco maintain their stance on deliveries to parts of west Tallaght

by Padraig Conlon

Tesco is still refusing to deliver to parts of west Tallaght, because they are too dangerous for their drivers.

Residents have been told they will continue to be inconvenienced until driver safety issues are addressed.

Tesco stopped providing their household delivery service in the area in April after one of their drivers was shot at with a pellet gun.

That was just one of several incidents reported in the first few months of the year, involving intimidation and robbery of Tesco delivery drivers.

Recent requests to Tesco to resume delivering to homes in the area again have been unsuccessful.

Local Sinn Fein TD Sean Crowe says he’s disappointed at a reply he received from Tesco Management, as their decision is causing hardship for elderly locals.

“A horrific attack on a Tesco van driver back in April resulted in household grocery deliveries being suspended to number of estates in Tallaght,” he said

“This action, while understandable following attacks, has caused huge difficulties for older or less physically able members of the community or residents without access to a car.

“Having been approached recently by a number of these residents, I wrote to Tesco Management to see if they would consider resuming deliveries.

“The reply was a negative which is extremely disappointing for residents.

“While I recognise there is ongoing policing challenges in some areas this is, in my opinion, giving in to a minority of criminal elements and making the wider community and the most vulnerable suffer.

“The residents impacted by this decision deserve better, as do delivery drivers going into any Tallaght estate.”

Deputy Crowe said he had hoped Tesco would show flexibility three months on from their suspension of deliveries.

“I suggested that they might consider making deliveries early in the morning or during daylight hours but this suggestion has also been ruled out by Tesco management,” he said.

“There is clearly a lack of confidence by Tesco Management in the ability of Garda Authorities to police certain estates.

“I am also concerned with the very real possibility that other suppliers will take a similar approach

“In response to this, I have asked Senior Garda in Tallaght to liaise with them and see if can they be persuaded to return to carrying out deliveries in safety to all areas of my constituency.

“I believe a proven template does exist for tackling many of these incidents.

“Local residents working together with youth groups the Local Authority, public representatives, local leaders and the Garda Authorities can reduce and resolve many of these incidents but needs imagination and a more proactive approach.”

A spokesperson for Tesco told Dublin Gazette: “In recent months we took the decision to operate a reduced delivery service in a very small number of areas in West Tallaght to protect the safety of our colleagues.

“This decision is as a result of incidents of anti-social behaviour in these locations.

“We understand that this may be inconvenient for some customers, but the safety of our colleagues is of paramount importance.

“We continue to keep this decision under review and will advise of any further developments.

“We are engaging with gardai in the area.”

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