Lost Teddy finds foster home with Dublin photographer

by Amy Rohu

By Amy Rohu

Dublin photographer Ger Holland brought home more than some photographs last week on a visit to Killiney beach.

Holland who frequently visits the spot to take photos of the sunrise noticed someone a bit different sitting on the steps beside the dart station. ‘Teddy’ as he is now being affectionately referred to, is a teddy bear dog who she found sitting on the steps wrapped in a towel.

“I go to the beach most days to photograph sunrise & it wasn’t there on the morning of the 17th so I figure whoever lost Teddy did so on St. Patrick’s Day & a kind person propped it up with a towel late on the 17th/early on the 18th.”

After taking some snaps of the cuddly toy, Holland started to notice it was getting some interest online and she may need to go back and get him, incase the owner came forward.

“I initially had photographed Teddy and shared it online that he was lost. After it started to gain traction, I soon realised that Teddy’s owner may get in touch with me directly so I went back and brought him home. I also didn’t want to risk leaving him out in case he got wet or damaged.”

Dublin Photographer Ger Holland

Teddy is currently awaiting to be reunited with his owner and while he waits for that day to come, Holland will be sharing regular pictures of what he gets upto. Everything from watching Paddington Bear to having his lunch.

“If people would like to follow Teddy on his adventures, they can also follow me on Twitter, I hope it adds a little bit of lightness to quite a challenging time.”

Holland, who usually works in the book industry at festivals and with publishers, has had to change her photography focus to landscapes and sunrises, as a result of the pandemic. When recounting other items she’s come across recently Holland said “I’ve seen nothing like Teddy. But there are always random flip flops and socks. One thing that stood out was a single red rose on the beach a few months back, I wondered if it was left in memory of someone, given to someone on a date, there’s so many questions behind it!” Until an owner comes forward, Teddy will be kept safe in his foster home.

If you think you know the little person who owns him, or would like to follow along with his story, then you can find Ger Holland at @GHollandPhoto on Twitter.

Lost teddy bear on Killiney beach
Photo – Ger Holland

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