Spotted by gardaí monitoring CCTV

by Gazette Reporter

A man who took part in a gang assault on three friends after the victims approached them when they spotted them “smashing up” a bike has avoided jail.

Charlie Magaharan, 25, was spotted by gardaí monitoring CCTV cameras as he kicked out at the Dublin city rental bike when Lorcan Travers approached him.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard Mr Travers went over when he saw “two lads” smashing up the bike and after words were exchanged he was knocked to the ground with a punch.

His friends Peter Hardy and Marcus Thomas came to his aid and the two attackers left but returned minutes later with two other youths who then assaulted all three men. CCTV showed them running away celebrating.

Magaharan of Monalea Park, Firhouse pleaded guilty to three counts of assault causing harm at Custom House Quay, Dublin on February 6, 2016.

He has 19 previous convictions, including a two-year suspended sentence for causing e32,000 worth of damage to a Luas tram.

Judge Melanie Greally said this was an extremely violent attack on three innocent men whose injuries included a fractured cheekbone, fractured eye socket and fractured shoulder. 

She suspended a prison sentence of 18 months.

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