South Dublin County worst area in Dublin for illegal dumping

by Padraig Conlon

Newly released figures reveal the local area is the worst in Dublin for illegal dumping.

This is according to the number of calls received by the National Environmental Complaints Line which number over 500 in the last three years for the South Dublin County Council area.

The volume of calls, 548, is the highest of all the Dublin authorities and second highest in the country after neighbouring county Wicklow which received 600 calls.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), who provide the complaint line in association with all Local Authorities, say they received over 3,500 calls nationwide about everything from illegal dumping to noise.

A spokesperson from the EPA said these are “only a portion of the complaints that would be received.”

“For example, local authorities received over 11,000 non-litter waste complaints in 2017.

“Litter numbers are a much larger portion of complaint numbers, e.g., for 2017, there were over 48,000 across the country to all local authorities,” they said.

The complete breakdown of calls from 2016 to 2018 (end of November) received in regard to South Dublin is as follows:

Abandoned cars: 31

Backyard burning: 33

Illegal dumping (less than 20 bags): 252

Illegal dumping (more than 20 bags): 131

Litter bits of rubbish: 101

Grand total: 548

Last month Mayor Mark Ward revealed that South Dublin County Council spend an average €1.4 million per year clearing illegally dumped waste which equates to €6 million over the past three years.

Local Cllr Charlie O’Connor believes more stringent measures are needed to crackdown on those responsible.

“Every single week I hear from locals concerned about the rise in illegal littering and fly tipping on streets and in the mountains in South County Dublin,” he said.

“Not only is the cost of dealing with other people’s waste draining resources away from important public services in our area, it’s also polluting our own communities that we should be taking pride in.

“We are fortunate to have such a picturesque landscape on our doorstep including the popular Hellfire Club – it beggars belief as to why people would consciously choose to destroy that.

“The installation of CCTV cameras has helped in the last number of years but enhancing the penalties for dumping is the only way to truly deter those who are content with illegally dumping their rubbish.”

“The PURE environmental project does excellent work in collaboration with SDCC to manage incidents of fly tipping in the uplands but their workload should only be supported by the community not further added to.”

Dublin Gazette had not received any comment from South Dublin County Council at the time of going to press.

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