Warning over Marlay Park car scam

by Rebecca Ryan
There are reports of robbers opening vehicle doors or boots as drivers park

Locals are being warned of a car scam in Marlay Park.

There have been reports of robbers opening car doors or boots when they have just parked. The owner of the vehicle then locks the vehicle and walks away not knowing that the door or boot is open and comes back to find their belongings robbed.

A local, who was nearly caught out by the scam, sent the warning out to locals on Facebook page Knocklyon Network.

They said: [I] parked my car in Marley Park today. [I] looked behind after locking my car, or so I thought, only to notice the passenger rear door open.

“Puzzled I walked back to close it [and] re-locked my car.

“I saw that the car parked bedside me with a woman (mid 40’s, well dressed) pulling out from beside my car and re-parking beside another car.

“She then opened the back door of another car as the couple got out, leaving it visibly open.

“The couple also thought their car was locked and walked away.”

The person added: “Guards told me they found plenty of rear doors open on cars in both car parks. It appears she opens the doors, and another robs the content of the car and boot.”

The vigilant local warned: “When you lock your car, walk around checking all doors and the boot.

“[The woman] appeared to be a respectable lady with two teenage kids. Nothing to make you suspect her. This was lunch time at Marley Park on a Monday! Be vigilant.”

Locals are shocked by the reports and many are condemning the incidents.

One person said: “Please be careful, this happened to my sister-in-law a few months ago. I was with her at the time. Her money was taken. You presume you would be safe in Marley Park.”

While another wrote: “I would have taken photos of her, the kids and the car and video what she was doing, so the guards had all the info and proof of what she was at.”

One local noted an increase of other car thefts: “Hellfire Club car park on Tuesday,  August 14 [had] six cars broken into. [They] didn’t get much out of five of them. [In] the sixth car they took everything belonging to a French couple who only arrived into Dublin the day before.

“The guards said its happening a lot more, as there is no CCTV in any of these places. Be careful everyone.”

Back in May, local councillor Emma Murphy called for CCTV in Marlay Park’s car park after reports of increased crime.

Cllr Murphy previously told Dublin Gazette that security at Marlay Park needs to be looked at.

“I have made contact with my Fianna Fail colleagues in the DLRCC area and have asked them to put forward proposals for CCTV.

“I would urge for a concerted effort on the issue as the park is critical to the safety and well-being of local residents and visitors also,” said Cllr Murphy.

Dublin Gazette contacted Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council about the scam and CCTV, and they replied: “We can advise that the Council have not been made aware of any similar incidents. There is CCTV currently in place at Marlay Park at a number of locations. Reports of theft or damage to property should be made to An Garda Siochána in the first instance.”

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