Estate’s management company ban on vans sparks fury

by Rebecca Ryan

Ticknock Hill residents have expressed fury over their estate’s management company banning work vans from parking in the estate.

Concern has mounted recently after a number of car thefts have been reported in the area.

Last Wednesday, a local posted on community page Ballinteer Today, about their car being broken into to warn others.

“Our Toyota Prius was broken into last night and they got under the car to take off the catalytic converter, which we think is now gone, which is €500-€1500 and they also went for the battery too. The only things worth robbing for scrap.”

Another local commented that “two young lads” were caught trying to get into an underground car park a few nights previous.

Local Carla Keegan told Dublin Gazette it was not the first time a catalytic converter has been robbed in the area.

She said her husband’s work van was robbed of tools last year and that residents in her estate are fed up with the management company banning trade vans.

“This has happened to a lot of vans that are parked up there.

“It doesn’t help when the management company have banned vans from parking in the estate, even if you own your property and the parking space!

“There are no security cameras up there, the lighting is very bad, so it just sets up the perfect opportunity for these people.

“I understand that vans can be big and a possible eye sore, but when people’s livelihoods are getting taken from them, then the management company need to deal with it and come up with a solution.”

Mrs Keegan said the situation is a huge worry for residents.

“It’s an awful situation when you’ve done a hard day’s work and can’t even relax when you get home because you’ve had to park your van out of the estate and worry that you’ll wake up in the morning with more stuff taken.

“All people want to do is park where they live and not have to worry about their possessions being taken while they sleep.”

Dublin Gazette tried to contact the management company of the estate Apleona, who said they had “no comment” to make.

In response to resident’s concerns, a spokesperson from the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) told Dublin Gazette:

“Any tenant with an issue in relation to a tenancy should bring the issue to their landlord and where it cannot be resolved may submit an application for the resolution of the issue to the RTB.

“More information can be found on our website onestopshop.rtb. ie.”

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