Call for a playground in the Sandyford area escalates

by Rebecca Ryan

Families have stepped up their efforts to campaign for a playground in Sandyford.

The Sandyford Playground Campaign would like to see a playground within walking distance of the Kilcross/Sandyford Downs estates near Sandyford village, and are calling on the council for lands and funding.

Organiser of the community campaign group, Leah Leiva, 38, started the campaign in February this year, and told Dublin Gazette that a petition calling for the playground is already gaining traction.

“Several other local residents from Kilcross, Ticknock Park, and Sandyford Downs have been actively involved with the campaign.

“We have collected a petition with 230 signatures from residents supporting the initiative, while there have been zero objections.

“We also conducted an online survey and found that the majority of residents currently drive to visit playgrounds, as there is currently no playground within walking distance.

“Our aim is to promote social cohesion, community spirit, healthy lifestyle and a sustainable environment by having a playground within walking distance,” said the mum-of-two.

It is a minimum of a 50-minute round trip for Leah to bring her kids to the playground if she takes the buggy.

“My efforts are often thwarted by unforeseen rain showers, complaints of tired legs from my five- year old, or my one-year old napping, due to such a long walk in the buggy. It’s a similar story for the other local parents that we’ve interviewed.

“The playground is hugely important to the area. Sandyford is a large residential area with many young children. However, there are limited amenities for the children to play and for local people to socialise.

“A local playground would be a wonderful boost to the village, and the increased footfall would also drive customers to the village businesses.”

Leah said she would like to see the council’s Parks’ Department commit to a playground for Sandyford to be delivered within 18 months. 

Glencullen/Sandyford Councillor, Deirdre Ní Fhloinn (GP) told Dublin Gazette the benefits of having a playground for families in the area would be “immense.”

“As a parent myself, I know the immense benefit for children and their parents of having a good playground a short walk from your house.  

“It’s a great way for children and caregivers in the local communities to get to know each other and of course, we want to encourage kids to be active and to love being outdoors.”

Dublin Gazette has contacted Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council for comment but has not yet received a reply.

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