Locals are being warned after a rise in break-ins in the Sallynoggin area.

Residents have been posting on Facebook group Sallynoggin Community to warn others about the incidents.

One woman reported her house was robbed a few weeks ago. The thieves stole a precious necklace given to her at her father’s funeral and her mother’s engagement ring. She said: “They pulled my house apart and took the two items that were a most sentimental representative of my mam and dad.”

Local resident Sonya told Dublin Gazette that two young lads tried to break in to her house last Thursday. She said the incident has left her feeling “sick and terrified”.

“I couldn’t believe it. I’m here 17 years and in that time three houses in my cul-de-sac has been robbed.

“I was collecting my granddaughter from dancing and when I came back there was marks on the front door. My husband said it was an attempted break-in [and that] it looked like it was done with a screwdriver. They dented the front door along the side and the seal. There was damage done to the door.”

Sonya thinks the robbers were disturbed. She called the Gardai who have logged the incident as an attempted break-in. Sonya is now installing an alarm system, but she said she still feels scared.

“I felt sick. Terrified. I have an escape plan. I have a baseball bat and I hammered nails into it.  I’ve been on to a security company. I’m not taking any chances.”

She said there has been a rise of break-ins in the area recently.

“On Friday night, a girl texted me to say her shed was robbed. All her tools are gone out of the shed.

“Last week, four houses were robbed. One was on the lower end of Sallynoggin. They got into a girl’s house and robbed her dead mother’s jewellery. That was things that her mother left.”

Sonya also said there have been reports of suspicious vehicles around the area, which she described as “a white van, two young lads on bikes and four lads in a blue car.”