Round-table talks planned on public transport

by Rebecca Ryan
Round-table talks on public transport policy will take place next month between the Government, unions, business groups and other stakeholders

A round-table discussion on public transport policy is taking place in a few weeks.

This stakeholder event on May 21 will bring together a wide range of representatives of consumer and passenger interests, public transport operators, policy makers, business, environmental, unions, research institutes, regulators and the academic community.

Speaking on his plans, Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Shane Ross said it will give everyone an opportunity to put forward their ideas.

“I very much look forward to a robust and genuine exchange of views at our round table forum.

“All delegates will have an opportunity to participate and put forward their suggestions and informed opinions on Ireland’s public transport policy.

“We want to hear views on what works, what we need to improve and how we can sustainably organise and provide public transport into the future.

“I hope the discussion will capture the breadth of the challenges ahead.

“We want this event to generate sound ideas that can help us address these challenges: from meeting diverse passenger needs to alleviating congestion, from achieving sustainable public funding support to tackling climate challenges.”

In 2017, Minister Ross expressed his willingness to meet all relevant stakeholders to discuss public transport policy once industrial relations disputes were resolved.

The announcement on having a stakeholder round-table dialogue follows on from that.

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