Rosemount says it faces ‘obvious discrimination’ in new documentary

by Gary Ibbotson

Rosemount Mulvey Football Club has released a documentary in an effort to draw attention to its lack of facilities and the “obvious discrimination” it says it faces.

Based in Dundrum, Rosemount Mulvey only reintroduced junior teams last year after the phoenix club was set up three years after the original became defunct.

Since its reincarnation, the club was been going from strength to strength at both a senior and junior level, but says its lack of facilities is hindering their application to play intermediate football.

Director of football Richie Baker said the lack of available pitches for the club’s teams is preventing the club from developing further.

He said: “In the past 16 months we’ve been trying to meet council officials to talk about the pitches but, to date, nothing has changed for our junior or senior section.

“We don’t have any access to astro-turf as it’s booked up by other clubs around us. All we’re looking for is the same opportunities for our children.

“We’re doing our best, and all the coaches and the committee are doing their best.”

Independent councillor for the area, Sean McLoughlin has been involved in the club for the past 18 months and says more public representatives should show their support for the campaign.

Cllr McLoughlin said: “There’s limited resources available to this club. It’s great to see the amount of kids, particularly girls, getting involved in the club.

“It’s no longer just a senior team down in the corner of Rosemount in Dundrum.

“It’s a growing club and it’s absolutely thriving. There’s lots of big clubs in the wider area of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown who’ve been given facilities and space and been allowed to grow.

“Rosemount has come from little or nothing. It’s vital that the councillors here in Dundrum get behind the club and engage with the council and get the council to engage with this club because we’ve seen too many false problems.

“We deserve better – this club deserves better.”

As part of the sports capital grant, clubs in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown were given €1.2m back in 2018, with only 10% of the funding being given to clubs in disadvantaged areas.

Rosemount Mulvey is located in an area of disadvantage and was successful in its application to develop a clubhouse and gym in the park, but is still waiting for plans to progress.

To see the documentary, check out the club’s social media pages.

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