‘Masterplan’ for Cherrywood Village unveiled by developers

by Gary Ibbotson

Property developers Quintain has launched its masterplan for Cherrywood Village which includes the construction of 1,300 new housing units by 2025.

Located on a key 65-acre site, the scheme will consist of houses, duplexes, apartments, public parks and over 4,300sqm of retail and civic amenities.

Around 27 acres of green space is also included in the plans.

According to Quintain: “The project has been designed to create a diverse new community that will be easily accessible by public transport, with a strong emphasis on sustainable development.”

However Cllr Hugh Lewis (PBP) says he fears that low income earners will not have access to the market.

He said: “I welcome the news that construction is due to happen.

“However, we have heard such announcements in Cherrywood before, that construction is imminent then it again grinds to a halt.

“I have deep concerns that low and middle-income earners will be blocked from accessing new homes built in Cherrywood because of the lack of any real affordability.”

Cllr Byrne said that it is not yet clear how much of the stock will be for sale and how much will be build-for-rent.

“We certainly anticipate BTR [Build to Rent] apartments and possibly some houses as part of the master plan, but the majority of homes will be for sale,” he predicted.

Out of the 1,300 units, 130 will be assigned to social housing.

Quintain says it plans to start construction before the end of the year, admitting that its plan to have all 1,300 homes built by 2025 is “ambitious.”

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