Property tax demo staged in Dundrum

by Gazette Reporter

AROUND 30 people took part in a march, organised by the Dublin-Rathdown branch of the nationwide Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes (CAHWT) campaign against the property tax in Dundrum on Saturday, March 23.
Nicola Curry, who is a member of People Before Profit (PBP) party, organised the march along with community activists.
Protesters staged the demonstration by marching through the town centre from Main Street into Dundrum Town Centre, up to the old shopping centre in Dundrum and then back along Main Street with posters and loudspeakers.
Activist Mary Smith, who is from Nutgrove Avenue and whose mother still lives there, told The Gazette: “We met people all the way along our route and they were very encouraging.
“In the shopping centres, people came out of shops just to clap for us and to get the information literature we were giving out which urged people to boycott the campaign to pay the taxes and to advertise upcoming events, such as the national protest taking place on Saturday, April 13 at the Garden of Remembrance in the city centre.
“It was very interesting as the people came out in their droves to show us support,” said Smith.
Curry said: “It’s time we started calling this tax what it is – a bank bail-out tax.
“The ordinary people of this country are being asked to pay for the gambling mistakes of the financial elite.”
She was involved in the foundation of the CAHWT movement in 2011.
CAHWT is a non-political organisation advocating the non-payment of, firstly, the household charge and, now, the property tax due to come in this July, as well as the water charges which will be implemented in 2015.

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