‘One more traffic sign won’t change anything’

by Emma Nolan

Only one “rusted” sign is to be replaced by the council in Cabinteely since desperate locals have pled for traffic calming measures to be implemented.
Emma Hamilton, who lives in Monaloe Cabinteely has been asking Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council to implement traffic calming measures in her estate since October, but says she has only received “wishy washy” and “non-committal” responses.
In July of this year, The Gazette asked the council if they had plans to implement any road signs or speed bumps in the area.
At the time they said that there are no proposals at present for the installation of ramps in the estate, but it might be considered for the next phase of the implementation of 30kph speed limits in residential areas under the “Slow Zones” guidelines published by the Department of Transport.
This week, a spokesperson told The Gazette that there is no further update apart from “we are providing a new Children at Play sign at the entrance to the estate”.
They maintained that the area will be considered for measures as part of the implementation of 30kph “Slow Zones” in accordance with the “Guidelines for Setting and Managing Speed Limits in Ireland”.
However, Emma says that this response is “disheartening”.
Speaking to The Gazette, she said that while she welcomes the replacement of the old sign, she is disappointed by the council’s inaction.
“One sign will not change anything, we need more signage at each junction in the estate. The council is continuing to fail its residents.
“‘Considering including our area for the implementation of the new speed limit is, in my opinion, not good enough.
“The council has the power to implement this new speed limit, it’s been asked for by residents in the interest of safety for all road users. What is there reason for not doing it? They never seem to give us an answer.
“In order to make our development safer for all road users I feel they need to look at traffic calming measures which could include updating the road markings at the main entrance to the development and within the development.
“Updating road signage to compliment this and crucially reducing the speed limit in the development.
“I’ve asked the council many times to meet with me and other members of the community to discuss this matter but they ignore my requests.
“Perhaps if they listened to the residents of the county they could improve all roads for all users, creating a safer space for all.”

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