New six-storey housing project opposed by local resident

by Rebecca Ryan

Leopardstown locals have strongly opposed a new six-storey housing development in the area.

Park development company, Castdale Ltd, have applied to An Bord Pleanala for planning permission for a strategic housing development on a residential zoned site at Glencairn on Murphystown Way.

The proposed development beside Glencairn House, will consist of 243 apartments and 98 houses ranging from two to six storeys in height.

Chairman of the Gallops Residents Association Kevin Windle, who will be lodging an objection to the proposal on behalf of the Residents Association said locals have a number of concerns.

He said: “Over the past 12 to 18 months, we have seen an unprecedented increase in residential development in our local area.

“This has been followed by a further high-density development that has been given planning permission at Lisieux and now we have another application in the planning process for the Glencairn site.

“We are not a reactionary ‘nimby’ residents association who object to everything new that comes along. We understand that new housing is badly needed, however we are starting to feel overwhelmed by the level, height and scale of development that is in progress or in the planning process in our local area.”

Mr Windle said residents would like to see the height of any application in keeping with the surrounding residential areas which he said, “in this case is two storey housing in the Gallops”.

“Any residential development above this height should be on the farthest side of the site, away from the existing housing in Glencairn View, Glencairn Chase and Orby, so that the visible impact from any higher buildings is minimised.”

Mr Windle added the locals also have traffic congestion concerns and transport concerns regarding “how the Luas is going to meet demand”.

Local resident Siobhan Madeley took to the residents Facebook page The Gallops to raise her concerns: “Personally I have mixed views. Very aware of the awful housing crisis in Dublin. I have a son aged 25 with a good job and no chance currently of getting a place of his own!!! But this development seems just a bridge too far.”

Local councillor Lettie Mc Carthy (LAB) said that residents will also be anxious to see where the access to the site will be.

“I’m pleased to see they haven’t attempted to create access through existing cul de sac’s within the Gallops as this wouldn’t be acceptable.

“I need to examine plans in further detail but at a glance, I’m disappointed with the ‘bog standard’ apartments with no effort to integrate and reflect the amazing history of this site.”

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