New school safety measures for children welcomed

by Rebecca Ryan
Minister Madigan with Cllr Pat Hand at new safety railin

New safety measures for children travelling to Taney School in Dundrum have been welcomed.

New walkway to the school

New walkway to the school

The pedestrian walkway is a new link between Sydenham Villas and the Overend Way and was provided as part of a residential development recently completed in Sydenham Villas.

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council has now erected safety railings alongside the outside edge of the footpath on the Overend Way to prevent school children from running straight out onto the roadway.

Minister Josepha Madigan (FG) has welcomed new safety measures.

“This new walkway between Sydenham Villas and Overend Way may provide welcome relief to residents in Sydenham Villas during busy school times, however, I was concerned at the absence of a safety barrier and the need for a review of the pedestrian crossing arrangement on the road. Additional traffic signage and controls should also be considered.

“I have been working on this alongside my colleague, Dundrum councillor Pat Hand, and I am delighted to hear that the council has responded to our concerns and installed a safety railing this week.”

Councillor Lettie Mc Carthy said she has also been working on these safety measures and is delighted with the news.

“Following an onsite meeting with the board of management chairperson during the summer, I worked to progress the required safety measures and wish to thank DLRCC for their cooperation.

“I also discussed with the chairperson the idea of parents dropping children off in Airfield and applying for a school warden to ensure safe crossing for our children and I look forward to working with all concerned to see this idea progressed,” said Cllr McCarthy.

Dudley Dolan, who is chair of the board of management of Taney Parish Primary School, said he is pleased with the erection of the fence and it is his personal opinion that safety issues regarding a new exit onto a very busy road needs to be looked at.

“As there was no progress on the safety issues and the walkway was nearing completion and indeed was being used by the public, I contacted all the councillors in the Dundrum Ward, together with all the TDs for the area which includes two Government Ministers.

“I also contacted councillors in the adjacent Glencullen Ward. The most helpful councillor was councillor Lettie McCarthy who was able to make progress in the right direction.

“I would like to see a proper review of the safety issues regarding a new exit on to a very busy road close to a primary school with approximately 450 pupils.”

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