Mystery of bones strewn at St Nathy’s

by Gazette Reporter

A YOUNG man made a grim discovery while visiting St Nathy’s graveyard in Dundrum this week, when he saw what appeared to be human bones strewn on top of graves, in heaps and in a plastic bag.

A very upset Michael Brady (16), of Rosemount Park, contacted The Gazette with photographs of the exposed bones and to complain about his experience at St Nathy’s cemetery.

The Gazette has subsequently verified Brady’s claims, and saw several bones scattered around the graveyard.

Many of the larger bones have since been removed, with only some of the smaller bones remaining.

Brady told The Gazette: “It’s not moral, it’s awful – imagine if children came here and saw this. It’s very disrespectful and their [Taney /Christchurch Church of Ireland authorities] attitude is really slap-dash.”

Brady reported the find to Dundrum Garda Station.

However, when gardai went out to investigate the bones earlier this week, the majority of them had vanished, with only two found at the site – far less than The Gazette saw in person, some 24 hours earlier.

Cllr Pat Hand (FG) spoke to The Gazette from the graveyard. He said: “It is very upsetting for anybody who has relations here.

“I have my grandparents and uncles here, and I know many people who are here. It is a very old graveyard, and I hope the situation is resolved soon.”

Local man George Corcoran, some of whose relatives are buried in the graveyard, said: “I wouldn’t want to be buried here now after this.”

Cllr Gerry Horkan (FF) said: “This is clearly a very upsetting sight for anyone to see, particularly anybody with relatives or friends buried there.

“I was last in this graveyard at the burial of the late Minister Seamus Brennan, in 2008. It is in the shadow of the Luas bridge in Dundrum, and is a very old and historic graveyard.

“I hope that the matter will be investigated and the matter resolved with the utmost urgency.

“It is not acceptable that this [was] allowed to occur.”

When contacted by The Gazette, Rector Robert Warren at St Nathy’s, said: “This is the first I’m hearing of it. I wasn’t aware of it, but we’ll certainly have a look and investigate it.

“I can’t tell you what the procedure will be [if bones are found]; we first have to see, and we’ll work from there. I’ll get someone to look in the graveyard this afternoon [Wednesday].”

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