Mum’s cuppas help to raise €1,000 for Syria

by Emma Nolan

A MOTHER of three from Cabinteely said she was so haunted by the images she’s seen of the children in war-torn Syria that she had to help.
Leah Duffy held a coffee morning in her own home to raise money to donate to Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF).
MSF provides medical care to people who are victims of conflict, natural disasters or oppression and have been providing medical attention to the people in rebel-held Aleppo, which has been destroyed by war in recent years.
Leah told The Gazette: “I really wanted to try to do something to help, but with three small children, I didn’t think there was much I could do.”
She is mum to five-year-old Oisin, three-year-old Aaron, and one-year-old Poppy.
Leah contacted MSF, who sent her t-shirts and leaflets on their work in Syria.
She said: “They explained to me how they still have some access to some of the hospitals in Aleppo, though so many are bombed now. I decided to have a fundraising coffee morning and literally texted everyone and anyone I knew and then told them to tell other people, and so on.”
Leah ran the coffee morning at her house in Cabinteely with the help of her husband, Paul, her parents, her two brothers, her sister and her friends.
The local coffee shop, Urbun, even donated cakes for the event, which turned out to be a great success, with Leah and her team of helpers managing to raise €1,000.
Leah said that her two boys, Oisin and Aaron, are absolutely thrilled that they managed to raise so much money.
“We had around 80 people cross my doorstep over the course of the day. Friends, neighbours, fellow mums, and then friends of friends of friends, and we managed to raise a grand for our Syrian appeal for MSF,” she said.

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