A family were left extremely shaken after a rock was hurled through a bus window on the 45a Loughlinstown route causing injury to a two-year-old.

Last Sunday night a father was travelling with his toddler on bus when a “large rock” was thrown through the side window of the bus.

In a post on social media, the father went on to say his baby was “covered in broken glass as well as ourselves.”

He added: “Thankfully we managed to come away with very minor scratches and splinters.”

However, he feared what could have happened if they had the buggy on the other side where they “usually put it” saying that his son may have been “seriously injured or worse.”

Locals have described the incident as “sickening” and “disgraceful.” One wrote: “That’s just sickening. Hope the baby is ok and everyone.”

Another wrote: “…where are their parents… it needs to stop… that child could have been seriously hurt.”

While another commented: “There’s gangs of teenagers around that area causing trouble every night. They hit a passing car last night as well.”

A spokesperson from Go-Ahead Ireland told Dublin Gazette: “Any type of anti-social behaviour is taken very seriously and the safety of our passengers and drivers are of paramount importance to us.

“Furthermore, we report all incidents of this manner to both the Gardaí and the National Transport Authority and are investigating this incident.”