Locals oppose new plans for Kilternan

by Rebecca Ryan
Proposed Kilternan development 'Golden Terrace'

Plans have been lodged to the council for a new development in Kilternan.

The 97 apartments across multiple six-story blocks are being proposed for the site adjacent to the Golden Ball pub on Enniskerry Road.

Property developer Greg Kavanagh told Dublin Gazette the “plans are lodged, and the commission is due in about eight weeks’ time”.

Mr Kavanagh said the designs are inspired from period architecture: “The high quality of finish is taken from the best of design from central London, the Irish government buildings and the Customs House.

“An Bord Pleanala requested in a previous application for a high quality streetscape. We are taking that to the next level.

“The advantage of having such a high quality development such as this increases the value of property around it.

“In the long term, we will plan an equally impressive statement building on the Golden Ball pub site also which will have a pub and village feel to it.”

Under his proposal, he is hoping for the units to be built and sold in phases.

He said: “It’s in six blocks. You can do each block individually, so I don’t need to build it all in one go.

“The biggest problem for developers is cash flow. I have designed it that I can build it in blocks of 14 as I go, without needing to build and sell all of them. It makes it more efficient.”

TD  and Green Party deputy leader Catherine Martin has come out against the proposal. She said: “This is a substantial over development in a rural area, which would greatly impinge upon the local community.

“In the midst of the current housing crisis it is essential that we invest in affordable, sustainable housing development – however, this must be done in a well-planned manner, and this proposal demonstrates a lack of understanding of the Kilternan area. Have no lessons been learned from the mistakes of the developers of the past?

One local Facebook group ‘Kilternan, Glenamuck and Carrickmines Areas’, the reaction to the proposed development was largely negative.

In the comments under the post, some felt the development would be more suited in a different location: One wrote: “How does a seven-story neo-classical behemoth that looks like it belongs in Vienna, create a village atmosphere. Come off it.”

Another wrote: “Sorry that is horrendous. Perfect for city centre or a town centre but not up there.”

Others were concerned the plans were not in keeping with the character of the village.

One wrote: “Delighted to hear they plan to build high quality housing, but the Golden Ball site is totally not the right place for this. Looks like this would be m

ore appropriate in the planned higher density residential areas nearer to the Luas. Not in keeping with the village feel at all.”

Another commented: “Why do we need to replicate central London in the beautiful foothills of the Dublin mountains – insane! Totally out of place.”

Reacting to the negative feedback, Mr. Kavanagh said: “Some of those objectors I see are serial objectors to every development that’s taken place in those areas.

“You can’t please everybody, and the planning process will just have to run its course.

“There are already 5 and 6 story buildings along the Glenamuck Road and as you go down to Stepaside. It’s not anyway out of keeping with developments in the area.”

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