Go-Ahead could be fined for late arrivals and cancellations in June

by Gary Ibbotson

It has been revealed that Go-Ahead Ireland is liable to be fined after failing to meet its contractual obligations in June.

In a statement, People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett, said he was concerned over the operation of the Go-Ahead bus services in Dun Laoghaire and surrounding areas.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said he wrote to the National Transport Authority last month to complain about several cancellations and delays in the services ran by Go-Ahead across the county.

“Over the last months I have been contacted by many constituents complaining about all the Go Ahead routes. Regularly services are cancelled or are late and people are left waiting,” he said.

“Some of these services, like the 59, are infrequent as it is – one journey being cancelled means people can be left waiting over an hour for the bus to turn up.” 

After queries made by the deputy, the NTA have admitted that Go-Ahead is not fulfilling its agreed contract and will now be subject to fines for its performance in June and will be monitored over the coming months.

“People Before Profit were always against, what is essentially the privatisation of these routes and we warned at the time that the service would be undermined and it would be a race to the bottom in terms of pay and conditions for the drivers.

“This is exactly what is happening with Go-Ahead, by their own admittance having “higher than expected driver resignations,”” said Deputy Boyd Barrett.

Last year the National Transport Authority handed over 10% of Dublin Bus routes, most of which are around the Dún Laoghaire area including the 63,59, 75, 45a, 17, 111 & 114 to Go-Ahead Ireland.

The contract between the NTA and Go-Ahead was for the same service as had been previously provided. 

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