Very dangerous bend on Glenamuck Road ‘must be removed’

by Rebecca Ryan

The “very dangerous” bend on Glenamuck Road needs to be removed “as soon as possible,” according to a local councillor.

Councillor Michael Fleming, said that a lot of people have contacted him about it, and he has been in touch with the council to remove the “bad bend.”

Cllr Fleming told Dublin Gazette that the work is subject to land on both sides being acquired, and also funding being available.

“The proposed work is that the dangerous bad bend would be removed, and footpaths would be improved.

“This is subject to necessary land on both sides of the road being required in order to construct the new section of the roadway.”

He said that the road is very dangerous for both pedestrians and motorists, and told us of a bad experience he had on the stretch.  

“I have personally travelled that road and my car got damaged. I was driving very slowly, and a bus actually forced me into the side of the wall and scraped the whole side of my car.

“That happened to me a couple of years ago, but it happens to people who live in the area regularly. It is very dangerous.”

Cllr Fleming said that he was disappointed to see the bend was not removed when the council were building houses there.

“When the new houses that were built by the council at the top of the Glenamuck Road, they put in a supporting wall there. People were expecting to see that bend taken away.

“That is a part of council property. It was a shame to see that wasn’t removed at the time the houses were constructed.

“That couple of feet would’ve made a huge difference and then you wouldn’t be going into buying people’s gardens.

“It could still be an option.”

He is calling for the road to be widened and made safe.

“It’s down to the roads project and subject to available funding. If negotiations are successful, construction work will follow in due course subject to available funding.

“With the growth of property and development in the area, it’s a shame to see the road infrastructure isn’t put in place first before there’s more houses built in the area. I would like to see it done as soon as possible. It’s a necessity,” said Cllr Fleming.

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council told Dublin Gazette: “The Council have a scheme for the improvement of this junction that incorporates the removal of the bend.

“This scheme, the ‘Enniskerry Road / Glenamuck Road Junction Upgrade’ has already received Part 8 Planning Approval, and it is hoped to carry out this improvement scheme in Q2/Q3 of 2020.”

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