Flossie and Lucille: The school students marching for climate action

by Gary Ibbotson

Dun Laoghaire school students are planning to mark the Global Strike for Climate 2 with a demonstration outside County Council buildings on Friday, May 24.

The Dun Laoghaire march is being organised by Flossie Donnelly and Lucille O’Mahony, two student activists who have left school early every Friday this year to demonstrate for climate action outside Government Buildings on Kildare Street.

Swedish activist Greta Thunburg has called on people all around the world to march for climate action on the 24 May.

This Friday, 1263 locations in 107 countries will see demonstrations, including Dun Laoghaire. The first Global Strike for Climate in March saw an estimated 1.4m students mobilise in 2000 towns and cities worldwide.

Both primary school students, Donnelly and O’Mahony say they have a positive message to bring to the demonstration this Friday.

“Lots of kids are very worried about climate change, about species going extinct, about plastics in the ocean and rising CO2,” says Donnelly, who spends her free time clearing plastic waste from the South Dublin coastline.

“I understand because I’m worried too. The answer is to do something – local action works.

“One person can’t fix a global problem, but millions of people acting locally can.”

O’Mahony and Donnelly hope that holding a Global Strike for Climate in Dun Laoghaire will make it easier for local students to get involved.

“It’s hard to get into town from school in time so we hope that lots of local school students will come and join us at Dun Laoghaire county council buildings between 1 and 2pm on Friday,” says O’Mahony.

Last time Donnelly held a demonstration on plastic pollution in Dun Laoghaire over 400 people showed up, demonstrating local interest in climate issues.

‘We are too young to vote in the European and local elections on Friday,” says Lucille, who is 12.

“But the people who win these elections will be making decisions that will seriously affect our future. Dun Laoghaire is a coastal area – we must fight for it. We need to have our voices heard on Friday.”

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