Flood defence installed at Dargle

by Emma Nolan

A FLOOD defence has been installed on the Dargle River running through Loreto Park in Rathfarnham after it burst its banks in October 2011 and November 2014, devastating many homes and businesses on Nutgrove Avenue.
The new defence has proved effective in light of the flooding that has affected many parts of the country in the past few months.
Senator Mary White (FF) told The Gazette: “I personally witnessed the devastating effects of the flooding on Nutgrove Avenue last year [2014].
“My heart went out to the local business owners and residents who were soul-destroyed by the severe damage caused to their homes and companies.”
One of the residents, Anne Marie Mulhall, of Nutgrove Avenue, told The Gazette that she’s “absolutely delighted to say that there’s been no flooding thus far this season”.
She said: “We have no insurance from the first time we were flooded in 2011, so we haven’t been able to repair the damage. We are in battle with the council over this, at present.”
Mulhall said the flooding both times caused “dreadful damage” to her home. She said: “It was appalling – it was about six inches, and my wooden floors are still buckled.”
She also lost her dishwasher and washing machine because of the flood damage.
Mulhall is relieved that they weren’t flooded again this year. She said: “They did a great job on the new culvert – I’m down there checking it every day.”
Business owner Robbie Campbell, of Campbell Motors on Nutgrove Avenue, spoke about the damage caused to his business from the 2011 and 2014 floods.
He said: “In 2014, we had 3ft of water and I don’t think the council were keeping an eye on it. In 2011, the water came up 7ft, and the cars were all floating around. It destroyed the whole place.
“Debris used to block up the old barrier, and the water would spill over into the park, over the wall and down Nutgrove Avenue.”
Campbell has not been flooded again this year, and says he can now sleep easier without worrying about flooding.
Of the council’s response, he said: “I can rest happier now that they’ve installed the new culvert.”

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