Felled trees and an illegal fly-tip, a “neglected” forest in Dundrum

by Gary Ibbotson

A Dundrum resident is calling on the county council to clean up a forested area in the suburb which she says has fallen into a “disgraceful” state.

June Ann Byrne, who has lived in the area since 1962 says the parkland located between the Dundrum Bypass and Castlebrook housing estate was landscaped and planted about 25 years ago but has since been neglected.

“When it was first planted, it was beautiful,” says Byrne, originally from Cork.

“There were lovely beech trees and a mixture of other ones.”

However, over the past “four to five” years, trees have been swarmed with ivy, causing many to fall.

“I’d say at least eight trees have fallen due to ivy over the past few weeks,” says Byrne.

Many felled trees have yet to be removed by the council with ivy forcing many others to bend precariously. Byrne says it’s only a matter of time before they fall too.

“I’d plant some lovely wildflowers myself if they (council) got rid of this ivy,” she says pointing at the riverbank covered in the plant.

In addition to the tree felling, the site has been used been as an illegal fly-tip with lawn chairs, drink cans and plastics all being dumped there. Graffiti is also present on a nearby wall.

According to Byrne, the Castlebrook Residents Association has essentially ceased operations in recent years but some residents are also “appalled” by the land’s condition.

In a statement to Dublin Gazette, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council says the parkland has not been neglected and is “under the remit of dlr and our Parks staff,” who “maintain the area on a regular basis.”

“We are trying to achieve a balance with this area between retaining tree cover for biodiversity and keeping the area litter free.

“In order to reduce anti-social related litter, we recently thinned out the planting at the entrance to the Dundrum By-pass to increase passive surveillance.”

The council says that maintenance of trees is under way but no set plan was given.

“We have a tree surgeon scheduled for this site in order to trim back trees and ivy growth and our staff will be on site to attend to the fly-tipping shortly,” it said.

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