€200,000 to repair erosion at Town Hall

by Gazette Reporter

The Town Hall in Dun Laoghaire is to get a major facelift costing €200,000 to  repair deterioration in the surface stone due to exposure to sea air.

A recent survey found that the building had suffered external damage due to many years of erosion and was in need of repair work.

The building dates back 135 years when the foundation stone was laid by the Kingston Commissioners in November 1878.

The old town hall and clock tower facade is made from granite and limestone.

Cllr Victor Boyhan (Ind) said of the conservation project: “These conservation works are essential and need to be carried out in order to protect the fabric of this magnificent building, which is a protected structure in our charge.”

“You could say we’re giving the building a bit of a facelift.”

A council spokesperson said: “Having regard to the essential nature of the works that need to be carried out, the council is now commencing appropriate repairs.

“To facilitate this, scaffolding and netting have been put in place around the building while the remedial works are being carried out. It is estimated, weather permitting, that these works, which will be in the region of €200,000, will take approximately six months to complete.”

The building, designed by JL Robinson, has decorative limestone moulded window surrounds on the upper part of the building’s facade and because limestone is quite a soft stone, it is particularly susceptible to the effects erosion.

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