Disgust at piles of rubbish at the Dundrum Luas stop

by Rebecca Ryan

A local councillor is disgusted that “nothing is being done” about rubbish at Dundrum Luas Station.

Commuters at the station are greeted with a pile of litter that’s been thrown over the railings.

Local Councillor Lettie Mc Carthy (LAB) told Dublin Gazette that it is “very disappointing that absolutely nothing is being done about it” and she has requested for bins to be installed further down the platform.

“I have written to Luas asking for a bin to be installed further down on the platform and written to Dlr on several occasions asking for the site owner to clean the area up.

“Apparently, no one knows who owns or is responsible for this piece of land.”

She said that the eyesore leaves a very poor impression of the area and is calling for an immediate clean-up.

“Dundrum is a very busy station for daily commuters and many visitors.

“A site like this creates a very poor impression of an area which is so unfair on both the business and residential communities of Dundrum.

“We simply cannot allow this to continue and I am asking that an immediate clean-up takes place followed by proper monitoring of the site to ensure it ceases being a dump.”

Cllr Mc Carthy added that she is appealing to whoever is responsible for littering to use the bin or take their litter home and “show some respect for other people.

A council spokesperson said: “Luas stations are maintained by Transdev. DLRCC does not install bins on Luas Station Platforms.”

Dublin Gazette contacted a number of stakeholders including Transdev and Transport Infrastructure Ireland, but no one was willing to take responsibility for this area at the time of going to print.

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