Dublin Bus restricts Ballybrack routes

by Gazette Reporter

DUBLIN Bus has announced that it has ceased the evening service of the Number 7 and Number 45 buses to Ballybrack due to anti-social behaviour.
Following a number of incidents, Dublin Bus released a statement on their website notifying people of the restriction to the service beyond 8.20pm each evening.
Dublin Bus proposes to redirect the routes into Loughlinstown by travelling via the N11 using Johnstown Road, and thereby avoiding Ballybrack.
However, local councillors are calling on the transport company to reinstate the full service for local people, as the route provides carriage for hundreds of passengers in the area daily.
Cllr Hugh Lewis (PBP) claims that approximately 5,000 people in Ballybrack will be affected by the curtailing of the service.
A Ballybrack resident, he said: “This is a devastating blow for the 5,000 or so residents of Ballybrack that are now left without any mode of public transport in the evenings.
“It is outrageous that this has happened without any consultation with either residents or local representatives, or any attempt to solve the problems that led to the withdrawal.”
Cllr Tom Murphy (FF) said that the restrictions will have a direct impact on the population of the areas affected.
“A cut like this to services will be very tough on local people. Most families no longer have two cars, due to the recession, so they rely on one car.
“This means they are also more reliant than ever on public transport, so cutting the service puts them at a huge disadvantage.”
Cllr John Bailey (FG) said: “I’m deeply disappointed by the anti-social behaviour that has resulted in this cut to services. We need guards to ride on the buses to stop this.”
On February 12, a spokesperson for Dublin Bus said: “We were experiencing some anti-social behaviour around the Whitefield area of Ballybrack last week, and had to take the decision to curtail the bus service in the interests of our customers and staff.
“This afternoon, we will be attending a meeting in Ballybrack with residents and gardai to try to find a solution but, until then, the 8.20pm stoppage will remain in place.”

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