Desperate locals in traffic plea to council

by Emma Nolan

A RESIDENT of Monaloe Park in Cabinteely has said that there “will be blood on the council’s hands” if they continue to refuse to implement traffic-calming measures in her estate.
Emma Hamilton and her husband, Aubrey Anderson, who have a young son, have been asking Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council (DLRCC) to take their concerns regarding the lack of traffic-calming measures in their estate seriously since last October.
However, they say they have only received “wishy-washy” and “non-committal” responses. At present, there are in excess of 200 houses in the development, yet only one rusted ‘Children playing’ sign.
Speaking to The Gazette, the couple say that they have “several issues with motorists speeding in the estate”, but there are “zero traffic-calming measures in place – no speed signs, no ramps and very few, if any, road markings … It is only a matter of time before a young child is either seriously injured or killed.”
Emma says that while she understands speed limits are up to the council, she felt that they would “take [her] concerns seriously, particularly as there are so many children who walk through the estate to get to the neighbouring schools”.
She added: “Regrettably, I was wrong, and it’s only now – July 2016 – that I finally got a wishy-washy answer from them, stating that they might look into speed bumps, they might install signage when they have a meeting.”
The tragic death of a woman in her 80s who was killed while crossing the N11 at Cabinteely on May 4 has highlighted the need for measures to be implemented in the estate, which is only metres from where the accident occurred.
Works that were due to be carried out at the junction at the N11, Cabinteely village, began “almost immediately” after the accident, said Emma.
She said: “It would seem they [the council] are only willing to make changes when a tragedy befalls them.”
In response to Emma’s concerns, the council stated that the speed limit in the Monaloe Estate is 50kph. A spokesperson also told The Gazette that there are no proposals at present for the installation of ramps in the estate, but it might be considered for the next phase of the implementation of 30kph speed limits in residential areas under the “Slow Zones” guidelines published by the Department of Transport.
They also said they will bring the concerns in relation to vehicle speeds to the attention of gardai at their next meeting with them, and inspect the estate for the provision of Child at Play signs.
However, Emma said that this “non-committal” response is “failing hundreds of people”.
Cllr John Bailey (FG) agreed that this response was “disappointing”, and said he will put down a motion to help Emma’s cause in September.

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